Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To sleep or...?

When I first started this blog I had every intention of blogging at least five times a week. I wanted one post a day, Monday through Friday, and then on the weekend I would rest. Unfortunately, I didn't factor in my children. See, the only time I have to myself is late at night, after my kids have gone to bed. And every night I ask myself this question, "To sleep, or not to sleep...?" I think every parent knows that THAT is the question. Shakespeare didn't know what he was talking about, clearly. So, I end up reading, or watching TV, or on the rare occasion, going to bed early. I don't know about you, but I do my best writing late at night. Some of my best blogs have been written while laying in bed only to be forgotten by morning. It's almost a tragedy. So what do I do? I think I need to be content with posting when I have the energy and only then. Because let's face it, blogging is pretty low on my list of priorities. So, to make a long story a little less long, I'm sorry for the half assed blog. Goodnight.