Monday, October 20, 2008

A little random to go with your coffee

Can you picture my prophesy? I don't know what's worse, the fact that I opened this blog with a 2pac quote or the fact that I actually quote 2pac. Am I even cool enough to quote rappers? On one hand I'm still pretty young, only 25 and I'm sure that at some point, someone must have thought me cool. Admittedly they probably didn't know me very well. On the other hand, I'm a mother of two who drives a station wagon, mini-van, SUV thing. Technically, it's an SUV-station wagon "crossover". But in reality, it's just a nerdy car trying to be cool. In this way we are perfectly matched, unfortunately.

So, here's my question. At what point do us moms give up trying to be cool and just give into our "momness"? I've known a few woman who never stop trying to be cool and I guess the question for them is this; At what point does this become pathetic? My guess would be when you start quoting rappers.

In other non-random news, we're all doing incredibly well. We're all incredibly boring. Which is okay, boring is good. Boring is NOT chaos. Kyle is almost walking. IN fact, he's doing a creepy run on his hands and feet thing. When I first saw him do this I thought, "ooohhh, I'm not sure if that's cute or not..." He looks like an alien spider something or other when he does it. I don't know...

Caden has started pre-school. He seems to be enjoying it. When I ask him if he had fun all I can get out of him is "yesss, I shared cars!" So, your guess it as good as mine! We're minimizing the melt-downs which is good for me and my recent twitch.

Oh, I didn't tell you? My kids have literally given me an eye twitch! After having it for two weeks I broke down and called my doctor. She informed me that they do nothing for twitches and it's almost always caused by stress and lack of sleep. I was kind of clued into the stress aspect of it when I noticed that it would get worse when Caden was acting up.

"Caden(twitch) stop body slamming(twitch twitch) your brother!!! Twitch twitch twitch." Awww, the joys of parenting.

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Jessie said...

So, a friend told me about Letterboxing. It sounds like fun and you might enjoy it with the boys. :)