Thursday, December 4, 2008

Burrrr, it's cold in here!

Do you know what I did yesterday morning? I walked my son to pre-school wearing a coat, hat, and scarf! The best part about it was that I didn't even look like an asshole! Because it was cold! And foggy! California got the memo! Finally! I love the holidays, they make me happy. As evidenced by all of the extra exclamation points! And for all you perverts out there, I wasn't ONLY wearing a coat. I also had on pants, a shirt, and all the proper under-garments. I'm no exhibitionist.

Yes, folks is that time of year again. Pete and I have been having nightly wrestling matches over my frosty toes. He absolutely refuses to let my feet get anywhere near his. And I absolutely refuse to put my feet anywhere else. It's my own fault, I guess. I should have included, "I promise to let you warm the ice cubes you call your toes on my deliciously warm feet ALL winter long" in our(his) wedding vows. Sigh, hindsight's a wench, ain't she? All is not lost however. I've been going to sleep after Pete which means that I can slyly sneak my feet over to his side of the bed. He puts up MUCH less of a fight after he's already asleep. Who would have thought?

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