Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Do you ever have those days where it seems like all you get is bad news and nothing goes your way? The kind of days where you are constantly stubbing your toe and bumping into corners? Well, welcome to my day. Except instead of stubbing my toes I seemed to step on every single sharp toy my children own.

About thirty minutes before Pete got home and about an hour after I had started my decent into a swirling vortex of bad mood misery I decided that my ticket to pleasure would be a meal out. I love, love, love to eat and almost nothing makes me happier than delicious food. I had to play my cards carefully though. Pete doesn't like to eat out with the rug rats. His idea of "eating out" is fast food and tonight, I wanted a sit down meal. I decided the best way to go was to get the boys completely ready to go and dress myself a little nicer than usual. This way I could say, "But Pete, I dressed up just for you!" when he would inevitably say no. It worked. Yes, I admit it was a wee bit manipulative but I'll be honest, I was desperate, and I'd like to think that Pete knows me well enough to know when I'm "scheming."

When we got to the restaurant the first thing Kyle did was scream and for the first time we got dirty looks because of it. Or at least, this was the first time I noticed. I decided that instead of getting angry and sulking I would just have to cope and do my best to keep the kids happy. Luckily we got the best waitress EVER and she made sure we got everything quickly so the kids stayed quiet. It was beyond satisfying to walk past the mean muggers with my children knowing that they were perfect for the entire meal. The woman even smiled at my kids.

By the time we climbed back into the car my mood was considerably lighter. Although still bummed about some of the news I received today I'm content. I've been blessed with enough food in my stomach, children who not only know how to behave in a restaurant but are beyond cute, and a husband who is willing to make himself uncomfortable to cheer me up. Tonight, life is good.


Kathryn said...

sounds like you have 3 wonderful men in your life - lucky girl!!

Laura said...

I LOVE that you are blogging again!! I have been reading every post, but have been a bad bloggy friend and haven't commented! Anyway, I love that things seem to be going really good for you lately!