Monday, January 4, 2010

Teen Angst Tuesday

Howdy folks. So, yes, I'm aware that this isn't actually Tuesday but it can't be helped. Fact of the matter is, you probably never would have noticed that I posted this on Monday if I hadn't pointed it out, but I'm nothing if not honest. That's probably why so many consider me angelic in quality. I do actually have a reason for going all wonky on you though. Tomorrow Pete and I are going to give up TV and the Internet for a week so posting this on the actual day of Tuesday is OUT. Should be exciting...that is if I don't die from withdrawals. Actually, it probably won't be exciting at all. We'll sit around doing things like reading, playing games, and you know, interacting with each other. Crazy, right? So! Onwards with angsty poems! This poem is actually one of mine. I wrote it a couple of nights ago. Explanation to follow.

What I Would Ask

Can I ask, are you happy?
Is today a good day to die?
When people ask, "How are you?"
Are you truthful? Do you lie?

Do your eyes shine brightly?
When you smile, do you glow?
Do you laugh out loud?
When they say, "Cheese" do your teeth show?

How are you doing?
When you sleep, are you dreaming?
Are you there? Alive?
Or are you only being?

Do you miss me?
Have you kept me at all?
Am I gone for good?
Like the wind this past fall?

Are you like me?
Never the same, but still good?
Would you please leave me?
Please, I truly wish you would.

Okay, so I feel like I have to say some things about this poem and my mindset when it was written. First off, I'm madly in love with my Pete bee. He's the cheese to my macaroni as Juno would say. The stars to my moon. The heart attack to my cheeseburger. The flower to my bumblebee. The Hitchcock to my Grace Kelly. The...okay, I'm done with the really BAD analogies. The point is, I love that boy. Madly. Do we have our problems? Sure. Doesn't everybody? But we slog through and overcome and truthfully, it makes for an incredibly satisfying marriage. But haven't we all felt this way at some time or another? When a lover leaves? When a friend decides it isn't worth it anymore? Or maybe you, yourself decide it isn't worth it? Maybe somebody has even died...I wrote this because I think a lot of people can relate, and a lot of people have probably sat around thinking these very questions. They've sat around wondering how people who used to be their best friends, or lovers, or enter the blank are doing. But more importantly, I think that so many people can relate when it comes to not being able to let somebody go. They can relate to holding on so tightly to something that isn't even there anymore. To loving somebody who has long since left. This is for you, you eternal romantic, you.

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