Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear, You...

Dear Love,

After four days of non-stop rain the sun finally came out to play. The world felt so fresh, so clean, and new. The air was crisp. The sky, a perfect, brilliant blue. It felt like pumpkins, blustery, blowy leaves, and sweaters. It was my most favorite kind of day in the middle of my most favorite month. I spent the morning walking with my Nana and my Kyle. Two of my most favorite people. A day as lovely as this only made me miss you more. I can appreciate the beauty of days like this, but true joy alludes me...Joy feels as far away from me as you are. I can take a deep breath of fresh fall air and let my heart swell with my love for you. A love that is sometimes so difficult to manage, but wonderful all the same. You feel so far away...We feel so far away...I know that you're there. All I need to do is point myself East and let the knowledge of you wash over me. Just knowing that you're pointing West quiets my heart and calms my soul.

I miss you, love.

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