Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oregon bound

Yesterday was spent running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So it's no surprise that today I feel worthless, which sucks because I have just as much to do today as I did yesterday.

My darling husband informed me yesterday morning that we would be leaving for Oregon today instead of Saturday. Assuming my math is correct, and I really shouldn't because my math is TERRIBLE. That leaves me one day to get ready for a week long vacation instead of five.

I have a million and three things to do this morning before Pete gets home, which could be at ANY time. You'd think I'd be doing them, right? Well, wrong. I'm sitting at the computer, instead. Obviously I have my priorities in order.

And with that incredibly random and awkward post, I leave you, darling chickens. I'll let you know if we make it to the in-laws in one piece. Which is sorta sketchy at this point because Pete is definitely on my S list right now.

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