Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Perfect for me.

You are my love above the rest. You make me see stars everywhere. Even when it's light, I see them, in your eyes, and buzzing around my head. My world is one big blur of sparkley yellow diamonds exploding into the depths of everything while I stand in the glitter that rains down, staring at only you. Mine is a perfect existence of your beautiful essence and the glowing smile of our precious son.

That folks, is how I can sum up my life. I wrote this when P and I were first married, so to be completely accurate we would need to add an "S" to sons. I now have two kids under the age of three, both boys. Are you calling my bluff yet on my introduction? No? Well you should be, shame on you! I love my life, but no longer is it the peaceful world of "baby makes three". My life is hectic and chaotic and when I don't have an infant attached to my boob, I have a toddler on my leg. We are not a perfect family, my sons are not the cutest, smartest, sweetest, babies alive(although, I think they are) and my husband is not a knight in shining armor(although I think he is) but you know what? I love my life this way! After all, chaos is NEVER boring.

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