Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz time! Put your books away and please take out your pencils.

1. Last night, while Holly was falling into a peaceful slumber her last coherent thought was this;

A. What a wonderful stress free day!

B. Please, please dear, Lord let them both sleep through the night.

C. Gee, I hope my neighbors don't think I beat my children.

If you've picked "A" you are either delusional and/or don't have children. Because I don't believe anybody can be that naive, I'm going to go with the former. If you've picked "B" you must have this same thought time to time, I'm sorry. You are not alone. If you've picked "C" you are the winner! Congratulations, you! The prize? If you are so inclined, you may have my children. Kidding! Kidding, of course. Seriously? I'd be willing to part with them for a day or two ;-)

When things get stressful in my house, which they often are, I tend to talk in elevated tones, or yell, if you'd like to be a jerk about it. At first I worried about this. A lot. What kind of mother yells are her precious babies? Loses her patience every couple of hours or so? I'll tell you what kind, the very normal kind, much to my relief. I'm still figuring out how to be a mother of two, you see. Sometimes I'll be chugging right along feeling pretty good about my life and my mothering skills. Easy, I think to myself. No problemo. Until (and there is ALWAYS an "until") I hear the inevitable crash, or scream or wildly out of control laughter(which is ALWAYS just as bad as the scream) and I know. My three year old has done something that he knows he's not suppose to do but does anyway because he likes to test mommy! Because it's en vogue for toddlers to say, "No!" or sweetly say, "Yes, mommy" and turn around and do the opposite. Fun stuff. I only hope that my neighbors have had children of this age and that instead of thinking, "Good grief, what goes on in that house" they're ACTUALLY thinking, "That poor woman, I should bake her a cheesecake."

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Morgan said...

Hi Holly! Thanks for your new blog link. I know how it is to be still adjusting from one to two kids. I've actually found it WAY easier going from two to three, so maybe you should just have another one? haha, just kidding!

Too bad you live in Napa! We're you're in town we should get together. I'm sure all of our BOYS would have fun together! Do you think you guys will ever move back here?