Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Common Sense

I don't normally write poems, not because I don't like them(I adore them) but because mine always sound like they were written by an angst ridden emo teen. But lately I've found myself writing them all of the time. It's entertaining and sometimes I surprise myself. And even if they do sound like a fourteen year old with too much black make up wrote it, who cares?

Common sense would say
That I'm going to survive
and even if it feels like it
I'm not really going to die

Common sense tells me
That when you said, "I love you"
You didn't really mean it
'Cus love isn't something you do

Common sense tells me
That you're cruel,spiteful, and mean
And the only good kind of break
Is one that is clean

Common sense tells me
to hate you and let it go
But you found your way in
And you're all that I know

So...I'm left here
Feeling anything but free
Because common sense
Doesn't make much sense to me.

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